Monday, January 23, 2017

Tirai 2017

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A new year
A new beginning
Some new challenges
Still, history made its story

A few days had passed
I thought things have settled with him
But his mother came to visit
Unfortunately, i still don't have the answer

While a few months ago
I got this new customer
With a wife and two kids
I don't know whether he's serious or just playing around
Made me quite nervous day by day
I don't know how to deal with him

And because of them.
I started feeling something again.
A pressure.
Became a headache.
Having the desire, but lacking the personality.
If i am Luna,
I'd say that my real Cloud has still not arrive.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Awkwardness seems to becoming my special friend

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I got part of the freedom i wanted so badly.
But part seems just not enough.
It made things becoming awkward.
Out of the norm.

But at least.
My wavy pressure is gone for the moment.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Who am i, and, Who i am

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in progress...
of accepting whats the fact, what is dream, and what is just beyond capability..

Genap setahun..
Menerima 20keping not 50..
setiap bulan...
its quite a bumpy ride after all..

A very hectic, everyday routine..
Which i hate, everytime, every second of it
Thats the fact..

And a longing for some self satisfaction..
Getting it just when i'm not in this world..
is indeed frustrating..
A dream that never came true..
Maybe I'm not born for this...
i don't know

Still living....
Still breathing....
But the heart has stopped its function..
i have lost the will to continue all this junk life..just holding a bit to a fragile strength..

i don't know anymore..

Just until when all of them are gone..
Maybe till then..
I'll know..
My true colour..
My destiny..
My own lil space..called 'home'

Sunday, June 12, 2016

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Selagi mung xmampu sara diri sendiri
Selagi mung makang kedaroh paka pitih mok pok
Maknenye sakning
Oksoh beng wak pranga lah
Oksoh beng wak pranga
Maknenye 2x sakning

Thursday, June 9, 2016

The 24 hour journey

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That day..
Getting her out of my sight..
I managed to have my own quality time, in my own little space..
Even i did overslept a bit..

Started engine..
Get out of the house..
Thinking of going to the beach road, but instead i drove to the left..passing through Pasar Batu 6..glancing over his office..then make my way to the highway..

Having the PLUS card in my grasp..i drove slowly..40-60km/hour..

Found the R&R on the left..
When i parked the car..its not Maghrib yet..
So i waited in the car..
A bus parked by..small childrens of 'sekolah agama' get off..make their way to the surau..
The teachers hang around for a bit..made me thinking if him..maybe this bus is on its way back from TTI..where he's working on right now..sending flyers on his 4x4 wheelchair..
Yup..he got his passion in his that he could shake hands with the 'kadi' someday..proudly announcing the words.."aku terima nikahnya..."
While i'm the car..running away from the harsh reality..that i bear the title..many titles actually..of being 'princess of sickness' 'the daughter of wealthy businessman' 'a degree holder'
I have many people expecting great things from me. In which i could hardly fulfil.

And that turns on the headache..made my forehead wrinkled..and i could not foresee the future anymore.

8.45 pm
I went to susur keluar Kuala Dungun..a bit creepy drive before meeting jalan utama..and i found a mosque..not sure if its really a mosque or just my much for the tell tales in the tv..some town folks just went out after Isyak prayer..then i just rush the prayers and went away..

In the bandar Kuala Dungun, searching for a place to have dinner..finally found a suitable a medan selera..but not much customers..there's two groups of three men talking and two women also having dinner..
Got my order of typical nasi goreng, and barley..and ouch!! Is this actually barley or just plain sugar water.bleghh 😫 that made me ordered another hot water..a spoon of barley, dip it in hot water, and sip spoon by weird to drink just by spoon all the way down.
During waiting for my fried rice, there's a man came and sit in front, while two other women at back..turns out those women just came to get take away orders. While the man have his order a little late than me..and while all the time there, we just ate our food..glancing here and there for a bit..not even care of each other..and i said to myself..what a dull life i'm living in..nothing in this life attracts me anymore..not my family.not my friends.neither my hobbies that i usually plays or watch..there's no more desire in life..that made me decide to leave like more people to ask me to do this and which i don't desire anymore..

After paying rm7, i made way straight. Found the bus stand of Kuala Dungun. I didn't stop there. Since i'm still wearing inappropriate apparels..with also i forgot to leave my gold accessories..2 bracelets with a pendant..the 3 of it may account for rm20k in new prices..only that made me stop doing what i have in mind right now..

So..i got my way to find the kuala dungun my headache worsen that time..making my decision to find a place to sleep a bit tough..then i just followed the road until the end, made u-turn and found my way back to jalan utama..its a 1 way street so i just drove until found a Petronas, refill the fuel, rm30, and take a u- turn, finding my way back to the beach..

Along the way, many restaurants still open..but i cannot think the very least, i found a suitable place, where its not too bright, not too dark, and not too creepy to stay..and ultimately, there's no people will park by any time..i just want a quality sleep time to ease this headache.

Turning off the engine, make sure the car locked, veil on the eyes, i finally slept..

Its not a too good place to sleep, i admit..many times i did awakened, moved my positions many times, and finally i sense a motorcycle came circling around the car and get gone..that time i got up and watch the 3AM in the morning..

Feeling a bit alert..i started the car engine and drive back to the bus stand..found just one man reading a newspaper..and no other..then made my way across the bridge and arrive at the T-junction. It says 'Tanjung Jara' to the left, and 'Seberang Pintasan' to the right. With high curiosity level, i went to the right, just to find myself heading towards the water..just like at Seberang Takir..then made a u-turn to go to Tanjung Jara..its not a heavy road..and thus..not many cars along the way..sometimes there's not even homes on the sides..quite lonely feeling i guess..then i drive a bit faster..80-100km/h...even i didn't want to..this will make me arrive faster..nevertheless..i did wonder..if i went through this road i'll then arrive at batu buruk, in which the bus from kl-kt always across kuala dungun through it the same road? Because i didn't ever remember going through Pulau Kerengga or Pantai Rantau Abang when travelling by bus..though some buses did overtake my car's speed along the way..

With the thinking and guessing..i finally meet again..with kuala terengganu streets..and made my way to the mosque near which still closed before Subuh i got a&w..and find a parking lot in front of the beach..directly behind the car park building of HSNZ..there i turned on the which i didn't do the whole time driving the car..due to the headache..i felt that i just don't want to hear anything..until just now..opening it just to wait for the azan to be that i could find a better place to sleep..

The azan is calling..made my way for prayer..and before anyone noticing..i made the telekung as selimut..covering the whole a dead the kain kafan..after the alquran recital..the mosque start to close again..and i had to head out..

The stomach start growling..
As i find my way to catch any suitable restaurants..there's not many that i think i could stop by..not suitable enough..i mumble to myself..going through until Marang Province, made a u-turn and headback to K.T.

At the very last..i found myself back to Batu last..bought a simple snack of nasi lemak with two crab sticks.air suam.rm6.

At this time.i was thinking of going home.change attires.and went out again.board the bus.and this'll be for more people telling me to do this and more people having hopes on more living in a more restrictions of doing things that i more! Not ever! Anymore!!

Thinking of the time.its still early..before the two of them got to work..leaving the house empty..
Then now i have some time to get doze of somewhere.And so i got my way to chendering/pandak beach..not much of a good place to sleep..find my way to the ibai horse park..and in that ideal place there's a bunch of Bandaran people clearing the frustrating..then head to the mosque..where i plan to pretend to solat dhuha and land on the carpet afterwards..well, the plan fails as there's a group of women learning quran with ustaz and the door to the mens area is wide there's a very peramah cleaners cleaning the mosque..just plain annoying in my sense of view..
And so i started back the engine, drove to Marang and went to the right, where i just drove straight to find the other main street of Kuala Berang, then made my way to the much of finding longer prevent myself bumping into them going to work in the usual roads..Then, i went ahead to Telemung..searching a shadowy place to stop by..and it failed..arriving at Jeram..i still think the time is too early and i may or may not bump into them..hence, i went to the left, climbing the highway again, got to Padang Air, and again, glancing to his office..and then made a left to Masjid Wakaf Tembesu..even its not much shadowy..i still slept at the parking lot..due to too much driving and my headache getting on my nerves again..
Since its morning to afternoon..the scorching sun irritates my skin and its not a really good sleeping time..
The time shows 12.30..well, times up and its now a good time to go back..
As i went to the front of the mosque, i saw the stalls and really felt i need to eat and drink..hence, there we go..air tebu,rm1.50, half ayam pusing, rm12.

I don't remember which road o use to get home. But when i get there, i saw the blue my he home? Does he hid in the house to surprise me?? While i open the gate and parked the still puzzled me..why does all the car here? Does he go with the red car?? Impossible..since my sister is using it..Then, how he go to office??

As the puzzle kept unanswered, i entered home my cynical sense, there's a note with my black cellphone on the says "call back immediately".i neglect it.then,i went to bathe, check the pot for rice, and perform Zuhur prayers..when i tried to retrieve my ASUS was not there..cis!!telefon tu ambik plok..

And to my miracle..i did call them back..with a very heavy heart...and that marks the end of my journey..because i feel..that maybe..after 24hours its eligible for them to lodge police report..and once found, it'll be the end of more freedom..and no more dignity to defend for..


I want to be free

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Haha..been 4 years already..this place is deserted..

And now i'm back..
Due to boredomness..
And no deadlines to do..
Like the years before..
Everyday struggling and meeting new topics..

But today..after one whole year..being stuck in a dusty place..i find nothingness..unbearable thoughts..of getting out of the cage..

I want to be free..

A little update - 2016 status

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Its been very long indeed. Too long actually.
I've been longing to write somewhere. Other than FB status.where many people just react directly.and i just dislike that.ever 😢

So here i am :)

With this little corner.

I'll write.

Whatever i want to.

Without just anyone messing around.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


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 Empat perkara menguatkan badan
 1. makan daging
 2. memakai haruman
 3. kerap mandi
 4. berpakaian dari kapas

 Empat perkara melemahkan badan
 1. banyak berkelamin (bersetubuh)
 2. selalu cemas
 3. banyak minum air ketika makan
 4. banyak makan bahan yang masam

 Empat perkara menajamkan mata
 1. duduk mengadap kiblat
 2. bercelak sebelum tidur
 3. memandang yang hijau
 4. berpakaian bersih

 Empat perkara merosakan mata
 1. memandang najis
 2. melihat orang dibunuh
 3. melihat kemaluan
 4. membelakangi kiblat

 Empat perkara menajamkan fikiran
 1. tidak banyak berbual kosong
 2. rajin bersugi (gosok gigi)
 3. bercakap dengan orang soleh
 4. bergaul dengan para ulama

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Nasi Minyak for Breakfast

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Kene paksa punye pasal...tapi last2 turn out well :]
Siap dpt salutati0n lgi...h0 h0 ho :P

Cerite dye lagu ni...umi da lmbt nk p beliau ajar la anak pemalas s0rang ni uat nasi minyak...lauk dah ader....semalam punye...s0 tinggal nk wt nasi je lgi...then, beliau pn start laa bla...bla...bla...smbil keluarkn sume bahan diperlukan...pesan itu, pesan ini....s0 here's the complete recipe:

Bahan Tumis*:
2 sudu   Minyak sapi
1 sudu   Minyak sayuran
2 helai   Daun pandan
1 biji       Bunga lawang
3 biji       Bunga cengkih  
2 biji       Ketumbar
3 ulas     Bawang putih (hiris mayang)
1 biji       Bawang besar (hiris mayang)
*Masukkan bahan satu persatu, dah agak2 garing baru tambah bahan setrerusnya. Tapi jgn ‘terhangus’ lak...hehe~

Seterusnya masukkan:
5 cawan*             Beras (Basmathi recommended)
7.5 cawan            Air
2 ibu jari               Halia (hiris mayang)
2 sudu                   Tomato (puri/sos)
2 sudu                   Limau (biasa letak sunquick, tadi takde, ganti dgn limau nipis)
1.5 sudu               Garam kasar
0.5 cawan            Susu cair (biasa guna jenama Ideal)
*Ukuran cawan --> 150mL

This is after the kerja2 menumis
*Pakai rice cooker terus jea..kalau takut, leh pakai periuk biasa,  then masukkan lam rice cooker  kemudian*

Masak dalam rice cooker.
Dah masak, tambah bawang goreng sesedap rasa...  ;]

Tadaa ^_^
Dah masak un...

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


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Fatigue = Keletihan yang amat sangat.


Note kpd dri n blog walker yg happen to pass by here. Dan kawan2 yg b'tandang.

Sokmo ingat mksd dye ==> sakit gigi. DOk tahu bakper . . .
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